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The next generation security and monitoring device can do so much for you. It is the Ring Video Doorbell to watch over your home from anywhere. This latest device has become famous among the doorbells and people around the world are appreciating its working.  

This device let you talk to your visitors from anywhere with the help of your Smartphone, Tablet or PC. This is the trendiest and the secure most way to keep an eye on the entrance of your home, office, clinic, garage or anywhere.

The ring video doorbell, as the name suggests, shows you the visitor at the door before the bell rings. You can see who is coming to see you so you decide whether to open the door or make an excuse. The camera of the doorbell has an amazing quality to make you see if the visitor has something for you. The infrared light view at night and 1080p High Definition video for monitoring is what you need in this era.

How about the idea of asking the delivery man to leave your parcel through the window you have left open because you are in your couch watching your favorite serial and you do not want to come out?


You can hear and speak to the people over this doorbell. You won’t miss any visitor on you shop if you have the video doorbell installed over there. You can ask your clients to stay in the waiting room as you are coming in a while. Hence, it can solve a lot of problems regarding public dealing. Let’s learn about the features of this amazing tech device.

It is attached with Echo devices and works with Alexa. Users get the notification on the devices not only when the doorbell rings but also as an illumination when the camera detects motion of someone coming towards the door.

It has built-in motion sensors that are triggered by the movement. You can also get alerts even if someone does not press the bell. It is for the safety and security purpose so you know if there is any threat of theft. You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor that is suitable for your security needs.

It is not necessary to video chat only rather you can choose an audio chat also. The mic and speakers have noise canceling feature for the best experience.

The ring doorbell allows two side conversation with visitors with clarity of voice. This is the best option for video on demand of your property. If the buyer is asking you to show the video of some area, this doorbell can work.

The doorbell has multiple power sources, it is powered by a rechargeable battery or you can also connect it through a wire for persistent charging and supply of power. The battery is also removable without removing the device from the wall or door where you have fixed it.

It comes with two faceplates. The complementary faceplate can be changed according to your security need. You can read about its working on the manual and pick a security plan for your home.

This is the professional 24/7 monitoring tool to give you complete coverage if kids are home alone or your pet has eaten the food or not. The video doorbell is the tool for ease and security in life but what if it gets stolen itself? The company will replace it for free as it has lifetime theft protection.

On the purchase of ring protect plus, you not only get the installation but also a 30 days free trial after achieving it. You would love the experience at home or professional level.  

Design and Setup

With the two face plates; the ring doorbell has an attractive and smart design. The two faceplates are silver and dark grey. It is slightly larger and requires a good place to be installed. If you have a small doorframe or space for the doorbell it might problem.

The size of the doorbell is 5.05 inches length, 2.50 inches width, and 1.08 inches thickness. The battery is also a bigger one with the claimed battery time of about 6 months to a year.

The setup of the doorbell is quite easy and simple that you can do it yourself. The first step is to download the app of the ring video doorbell. Install the app and create your account by signing up. The app has complete instructions to install it and that is so simple.

You get two options to install this device. Either you can attach it with the wire as replacement of your previous doorbell or you can place it separately from the bell you already have.

Users can pair the device with the ring chime or chime pro for chiming when someone presses the doorbell. Pairing it will chime also extends the range of Wi-Fi.

There will be a notification on your screen when someone will ring the bell. It will be like a video call notification that you can attend and speak to the person. You can read more deals on the Ring website.

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  • It is definitely helpful when you are away from your home, office, shop or workplace.
  • The quick release of battery with removable and rechargeable options are good. The choice of connecting with the wire for continuous power is great.
  • It is better to place a doorbell under the shade but this one is weather resistant and waterproof.
  • It can also record a video for 30 seconds for the record through the phone.
  • The sleek and smart design of the doorbell, easy installation and simple use make it a product of layman.
  • You can get the sensitivity radius of the motion sensor.
  • The night view is a plus of the doorbell while the other doorbells have no such feature.
  • This is the contemporary security system for home or workplace.
  • It is also affordable and very reasonable in cost in comparison to its working.
  • The images and videos are so clear and visible.
  • Sound quality of the chat with the visitor is just like you are having a conversation on a phone call.
  • It is recommended to mount the doorbell at a point where you can clearly have a view.
  • It is good if you are in a Wi-Fi zone otherwise have a good cellular connection.