Privacy Policy

We are dedicated towards our is providing a policy to protect the privacy of the users.

By using this site, the users have to agree with the privacy policy as given below.

Please read how we handle and process the private data and information to feel secure at this site.


The term private data means the data of the individuals, any information about a single user.

Processing means the use of data or operations on the information provided at the site.

Every individual under 16 years of age is considered a child.

By “we” or “us” means the site


The processing of data is fair and transparent for the users and we always consider the personal rights of the individuals for the processing of data. Further information about processing can be provided upon request.

Processing is for limited purposes only and done with the minimal required data only.

We do not safe the information of the users for a longer time period and only process data for a shorter period of time.

We ensure the accuracy and integrity of data.


Users have the right to information to know about the processing of their private data about why and where it is processed.

Users have right to access the data about them and they can get a copy of the private data we have collected on request.

Users have the right to request the rectification of data if there is any information incomplete or wrong.

Users have right to request removal of their data from the site.

Users have right to restrict the processing of data if they do not allow the processing.

Users have right to file a complaintif any of the request is refused or unattended and if they are not satisfied with the response.

Users can withdraw their consent for processing of data.


The site needs some essential private data including name, email, contact no, address, billing address and such other necessary things. The information is only required to provide the services and best experience to the users and to perform the tasks. We further use it for sending newsletters and offers.

The site collected some data automatically such as IP address, visit history and shopping information that is also to improve the experience of the users with us. Further we gather login information, browser information, time zone, operating system and the information about the visits and URL that directed.

The site shares the information with the partners on the legal grounds and with confirmation by the trusted partners only.

The information of the users available publicly can be gathered on need.

We get the comments of the users given through the comments form and review it to detect spam. After review, it is approved and visible with the provided information of the users on the site.

If users upload any image on the site, make sure that it can be downloaded and extracted from any location.

The website uses Google AdSense and Amazon Advertising on the site.

We often include a third-party offer, services, and products to the website who have their own privacy policy. Users are welcomed to share their feedback with us about them as integrity is dear to us.